Welcome at FCT Ingenieurkeramik GmbH

FCT Ingenieurkeramik stands for more than  30 years of experience and expertise in material engineering and in the manufacturing of advanced ceramic materials and composits.

Our profession are silicon nitride, silicon carbide as well as zirconia based ceramic materials. With our facilities we produce components in different forming and sintering technologies. Mainly we work cusomized according to drawings and application specific requirements of our customers and partners. The whole chain of production starting from powder up to ready to be installed ceramic components is available at FCT in house. 

Out of optimized or tailored advanced ceramic materials we are ready to establish prototypes, special componentes as well as smaller and medium sized series for you. Furthermore extra large, complex and high precision parts are more a challange than a matter for us. 

With the help of our up to date equipped and during the everyday use optimized facilities we are used to offer a high variety of services. 

Our Management System is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. You could find the certificate in the download area of this webside.

Core Areas

Ceramic Materials

...Silicon Nitride owns beside Zorconia the highest strenghts and crack toughness values at room temperature of all ceramic materials. Additionally the offer beneficial properties in high temperature applications.....
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In the process engineering the excellent high temperature properties of ceramic components are used.....

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Research and Development

... The target of our R&D department is to improve the properties of advanced ceramic materials as well as the components used for manufacturing technology and processing continously.....
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