Vehicle technology

Faster, hotter, lighter - our materials easily meet these requirements.

Ceramic materials are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry.
Ever more demanding requirements in terms of wear, media resistance, weight, temperature resistance and friction reduction bring the traditional materials to their limits.
This is where we come into the picture with our high-performance ceramics. The excellent properties of our materials can meet and exceed these new requirements.
Our excellent in-house material development, in combination with the constant development of the process landscape, enables us to also produce very high quantities at low cost.
This is proven by some of our products, such as the ceramic swash plate for axial piston pumps, various shafts, turbine wheels, bushings and pump parts, a million times over. Further projects in the field of e-mobility and hydrogen technology are pending and planned for the near future.

Application examples

  • Shafts

  • Turbines

  • Turbines

  • Turbines

  • Rotors

    for exhaust gas turbochargers
  • Slip rings

  • Pump technology

  • Gears

  • Swash plate

    for axial piston pumps (large series)
  • Shafts

  • Shafts

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