„Development of high temperature stable crucible components for sublimation growth of single-crystal AlN-based semiconductors (N-Keramik)“

Single-crystal AlN substrates provide an ideal base for deposition of (AlGaIn)N semiconductor layers, which are needed to produce high performance and longlife UV Light or Laser Diodes. However, these single-crystal AlN-wafers are actually made only at research centers for their own needs in low quantities, small size and at extremely high costs, so that distinct advantages for applications in water treatment, medical technology as well as plastics engineering has no positive impact yet. This is mainly attributed to the lack of suitable high-temperature and corrosion resistant crucibles and components, which are sufficient to fulfill the very specific challenges of the AlN sublimation growth process as well as the economic aspect which is needed to reach market introduction potential.
Within this project  FCT Ingenieurkeramik toghether with Leibniz Insitute for Crystal Growth (IKZ) in Berlin were busy with the development of suitable materials as well as the correlating forming and high temperature sintering technology. A new refractory ceramic composite was developed and tested, which proved to be a suitable solution for industrial production of single-chrystal AlN-wafers.

The herewith described research work was supported by the program "Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)" of the German Ministry of Economy and Technology  (BMWi)